Brave Little Beasties Description

Explore a mysterious world in which you meet at one place or another on the mysterious Beauties. These little creatures have it in them because they have unique skills. In 3D browser game brave little beasties is all about the little animal creatures. At certain places in the world to hide the Beasties and it is your job to capture the creatures and twisted them into your villa garden.

The small lubbers you nurture to large adult monsters approach monster breeding in the front yard of ground moles on magma-bats to really vile fire cats in brave little beasties you get to know many different creatures. In colorful 3D browser game the Beasties are always at the center.

Brave Little Beasties

Located in the small town of Sun Rock you meet different residents who provide you with quests. But your attention you devote voyaging the monster breeding. Only if you the creatures and they are supplying as well as possible, stately animals you will soon be sure to score points with their abilities. Then you also have the option of a monster stage together and merge.

Then you just have to wait as soon hatches a new creature from an egg and you are happy about a new monster type. During your adventure, you will explore different places in the world.

Everywhere you can find new Beasties in you fall in love immediately the 3D browser game publisher Uppers was from Studio Jo-Mea Games and is based on the Flash technology. Would you devote yourself to the monster breeding, you play directly in your browser. The download of a client is not necessary for Brave Little Beasties.

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